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A serious breeding of Ragdoll in the beautiful Smaland of Sweden.

We do not keep more than 4 cats together in the same group. Everybody knows that stress can lead to illness for the cats, they are not herdanimals. So to be able to keep the cats needed for our breedingprogram, we have some of our cats – especially our breeding males – living with friends, and with host families.

This is important for the kittens too.. I have the time to raise them. The first 12 weeks of a kittens life shape the behavior later on in life. If the kittens is raised with its mother, other pets and a friendly atmosphere including regular human contact, the kitten should be well socialized. It is also very important for me to breed big, healthy, typical cats with not too high inbreeding.
I am a big lover of the new colours – flame (red), cream and torties (torbies), so my goal is to produce the right type of this colours too.

S*Gunbertus Cattery pay VAT and tax for the breeding

S*GunBertus Cattery has a licence
to breed from the authority. The
cattery is inspected and approved
by an Inspector from Sweden
Animal Welfare Agency.