About Us

My breeding & goal

I want my breeding to be exclusive , and I have high goals with my breeding. I always look far ahead in the planning of mating and so on. I think it’s vital to import new lines to better the gene pool, this I will do on a continuous basis. To be true, I havent focus on the perfect pattern earlier because I wanted the type first of all, then- after this- I start to “paint”:)

SIZE AND TYPE is one of the most importance here at GunBertus and therefore my first priority. The ragdoll HAVE TO BE a big and heavy cat .

Thanks to the Internet, I´m able through daily communications worldwide with other Ragdoll Breeders to discuss and support one another on all aspects of having a successful breeding program. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable in all aspects of our Ragdolls, predictions of patterns/colors, their genetics, nutrition, health issues and much more. Bettering our breeding program depends on us staying well informed.

My next priority is TEMPERAMENT, after all this is what the Ragdoll is widely known for. A Ragdoll cat is a loving, floppy and easy to handle cat. The Ragdoll loves the human companions and other pet friends. We are convinced that temperament is both nature and nurture…therefore it is equally important to us to start with parents of specific genetic make up that will provide us with loving kittens as it is for us to continue with the necessary socialization to ensure a well rounded, sweet kitten develops. In our home, visitors are greeted by our fur babies, who will then follow you from room to room seeking your love and craving your attention. The Ragdoll is not necessarily a lap cat (due to its size) but certainly enjoys sitting right next to you wherever that may be!! GunBertus takes the responsibility of raising healthy and well socialized kittens very seriously.

Other aspects of our breeding program include striving towards the recognized Ragdoll breed standard of the associations. Always attempting to improve our program to that which will benefit the breed as a whole. Moving towards cleaner markings, better eye color, size, coat texture and overall improvement from one generation to the next. Selecting our future generation of breeders with an unbiased eye is very difficult indeed. We show our Ragdolls regularly at cat shows to ensure our program is on the right track. While we truly enjoy showing our Ragdoll cats, we also find this an opportune time to educate the public about our wonderful breed and meet with our fellow breeders.

Ragdolls adore their human counterparts. Sometimes being referred to as more like a dog in that manner. They run to greet you at the door, follow you from room to room, flop on you, sleep with you and just love you to death.

They are gentle creatures, carefully avoiding scratching people and are good with children, elderly and dogs. Ragdolls also tend to be floor cats, by this I mean they do not enjoy jumping and climbing on everything they way some other cats do. They prefer purrs to yowls and keep their voices soft and quiet. They are normally well behaved and eager to please.

Due to their extremely friendly nature, Ragdolls are definitely indoor cats and should NEVER be allowed outdoors without supervision.

Ragdolls groom and bathe their silky coat themselves. Once in a while though their owners should give them a brushing with a steel comb as part of their cuddling, and most Ragdolls will enjoy having this done. Ragdolls do shed, not the same like other long hair breeds, in comparison they are a low maintenance cat.

As with most cats, providing acceptable scratching surfaces (scratching posts) disapproves of declawing and are essential elements for maintaining a happy and healthy life.  

 About me & my family

My name is Ulla Johansson and I live in Växjö in the south of Sweden. I´m married to Tommy and we have 4 lovely kids together called Robin, Viktor, Hanna and Oskar.

Here in Växjö we are surrounden by spruce forrest  We hlive in a house where my cats can walk all over ..I dont like closed rooms so its an open area for us and the animals. a

We do not keep more than 4 cats together in the same group. Everybody knows that stress can lead to illness for the cats., they are not herd animals. So to be able to keep the cats needed for our breeding program, we have most of our cats– living with friends, and a few is with host families.

I have worked with a lot of things in my live – from custom official ,guard, offices -and now I am a trained nurse. 

All my spare time are full of 2 things, my family and my cats of course, and I love to go to shows and meet breeder friends from all over the world:)